As a whole, sedating strains are lacking in the more stimulating alkaloids, primarily mitragynine, contained in the Thai/Maeng Da strains of kratom; however, they pack a very large punch as far as pain relief is concerned due to their large concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine. These strains have been traditionally used for chronic pain, opiate withdrawal relief and mood-lifting.



Borneo Kratom


A true borneo strain, especially a red vein borneo, is one of the most unique and strongest strains of kratom you will find in nature; they are highly sedating, great for pain relief, and unparalleled for anxiety/stress relief.


Borneo strains also have a extremely low side-effect factor in comparison to other strains of its type. Once experienced, you can quickly distinguish a true borneo by its unique smell.


Stimulation: 1 – 2/10


Pain Relief: 8-10 / 10


Mood: 8 – 10 / 10


Bali Kratom


Bali kratom is one of the most economical strains due to large leaves and quick growth. Proper dosage for some Bali strains can be difficult, as they are known for their low “wobble” threshold. Though many have found one can reverse this negative by mixing it with another strain.


Stimulation: 2-4 / 10


Pain Relief: 7 – 9.5 / 10


Mood:  7 – 9.5 / 10



Indo Kratom


Indo strains are very well-rounded for pain and have less side-effects than comparable Balinese strains, and can be further sub-categorized as strains such as riau and sumatra, even borneo is a type of indo. Many have reported delayed effects from many types of Indo kratom, which is likely due to the leaves tough cell-walls, very similar to Green Malaysian strains.


While the effects are similar to Borneo kratom strains on paper, experienced users will notice the unique differences that make this strain so unique.


Stimulation: 2-3 / 10


Pain Relief: 8 – 10 / 10


Mood: 8 – 10 / 10