Kratom has evolved through regional differences and breeding into a variety of strains. These strains are determined by where they originate and divided into three broad categories of effects, namely Stimulating, Sedating and Moderate effects, although alkaloid contents of individual plants may vary slightly.




The vein colour of this unique plant give an indication of it’s alkaloid profile and a loose guide to it’s effects (with a few exceptions) guiding as to whether the strain will be more stimulating, sedating or a mix of both.


Red Vein: Red veins are more mature and have distinctive red veins on the backside of the leaf. Red vein tends towards a higher level of 7-hydroxy mitragynine which leads to sedation, pain relief and reduced anxiety and stress. Most Strains of red vein do not produce a stimulating effect although there are exceptions such as Red Maeng Da. Reds tend to be the most popular strains ordered due to their overall higher strength.


White Vein: White Veins are the fastest growing strains with white veins on the underside of the leaves. Great for energy, focus and mood lifting and relief from symptoms of depression. White vein shows nootropic (cognitive enhancing) effects and makes a great substitute for coffee


Green Vein: Green Veins are more moderate strains with green veins on the underside of their leaves. For an effect that is neither red, nor white but with elements of both green is a great option. Green strains are known to be far less at the whim of individuals brain chemistry and thus produce more predictable and constant effects. Green strains show nootropic (cognitive enhancing) effects as well as improvement in mood and a level of pain killing effects.